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Fabl is a design-driven cloud publishing platform that increases audience engagement, social amplification, and call-to-action conversions.


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Quickly deploy visually-rich, responsively designed, branded content pages, without the need for coders or designers

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Consumer Lifestyle Storytelling

Rich, deeply immersive images and videos combined with captivating copy and headlines drive engagement and connectivity with consumers. Fabl helps to drive emotional connections to passions with intuitive, elegant solutions for creators of all types and skill levels.

Sponsored Native Advertising Campaigns

Seamlessly integrated and contextually relevant, native ad campaigns have to be compelling and enriching for consumers. Fabl allows brands to tell their stories brilliantly and effectively. Rich stories on-brand, on-message.

B2B Lead-Generation Campaigns

In a sea of content, capturing the right business decision maker for your product or service can be a daunting proposition. The Fabl platform’s unique ability to drive results through visual storytelling will help you build your business. Drive increased lead-capture conversion with Fabl whose API integrates seamlessly with CRM tools including Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce and others.

Social Advocacy

The democratization of brand voice and the sharing of company values and stories through its employees online can be a powerful way to amplify image and reputation. Fabl offers employers and employees a tool so simple it can be used by everyone. Amplify THIS!

Contextualized E-Commerce Experiences

From telling the story to selling the product, Fabl’s immersive content experience satiates consumers’ passion - from brilliant and beautiful imagery to fully integrated e-commerce tools. The Fabl platform allows commerce integration within the story, optimizing the content for commerce and authentically driving increased sales conversions.

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